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Hey We're Back

After a two-year hiatus that must have felt like a century to Sitter Nation, we're in business again. Couple of new FootPut styles, new workout routine, a healthy diet with a few asterisks, same reposed attitude. It's great to be back, and we have to believe our fellow Sitters agree.

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Two for Two in Reviews

It's nice when someone does the bragging for you.   Customer Steve P in Washington, DC, says of his new FootPuts: "5 out of 5 stars Fantastic addition that looks great on our marble coffee table. Seems so simple, but the pillow fills an obvious need, is comfortable, and does not fatigue your foot after periods of time. Highly recommend."   Thanks Steve P for your unsolicited kindness. This is the second review our fledgling product line has ever gotten, and we couldn't be more pleased and grateful.

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Hey We Got a Great Review!

Agoura Hills Mom graced us with a really nice review. AHM is a smart woman with a keen eye and a lively writing style, so we're extra proud. Thank you AHM!  (

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